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For more information on Freightrain, click the picture above to view the Official Website!

For more information on Freightrain, click the picture above to view the Official Website!

Outside Ourselves


“Outside Ourselves” is equal parts soul and funk, blues and roots, an all original build on last year’s masterful “Freightrain Live,” their debut album that brought the band into the spotlight both nationally and abroad. The title track “Outside Ourselves” is a choral anthem, a cut that both uplifts and jams out. It has already received local radio attention, having been selected for a compilation album to benefit homeless veterans in WNY.

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Robert "Freightrain" Parker

      Freightrain is led by bassist Robert "Freightrain" Parker, the first Native American to be inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. Parker has made a name for himself over the years touring internationally with many big names in the blues world including Rock Bottom, Sherman Robertson, Chief James Billie, and Paul Reddick. His current project Freightrain, based in Buffalo, NY, is a culturally diverse, soulful band that possesses a distinctive and energetic approach to American Roots. The dynamic line-up includes Robert “Freightrain” Parker on lead vocals and bass guitar, Grace Lougen on lead guitar, Damone Jackson on drums, and Greg Leech on keys. Recently they have also added the powerful singers "The Union" Leslie Gardner and Simone Appleby.

           The band released their debut album, “Freightrain- Live!” in January of 2016 and toured in Norway to promote their material. Freightrain released a new studio album, “Outside Ourselves,” on May 7th, 2017. Each of the original songs on “Outside Ourselves” is unique, ranging from an earthy ballad to a dirty blues shuffle, showcasing the band’s broad musical influences and pushing the boundaries of their blues beginnings.