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Grace Stumberg:

Grace Stumberg is a creator of friendly original music that grabs the ears of any listener.  Born in Buffalo, NY, Stumberg is inspired by raw simple songwriting that really rocks out, and her music is a genre that can be explained as pop/rock/funky and sometimes folk; never fully understood until experienced.  She has learned the ways of the “touring world” by serving as folk legend Joan Baez’s personal assistant since November 2011, and back-up singer since 2012.  This experience has led to other opportunities in the music industry, such as singing with the Indigo Girls, and opening up for Josh Ritter.  Stumberg has also opened for Baez in Lowell, MA, and performed her own show in Dublin, Ireland during a Baez tour.  

Stumberg’s voice and songwriting style shows that she has a maturity well beyond her years, which has resulted from her many career and life experiences.  Throughout her days touring with Baez, she has gained an insatiable hunger to share her music with others. Stumberg has toured with musicians such as Left On Red and Pete Mroz, singing songs to bring awareness to fair-trade purchases and raising money for local food banks. She has accomplished a lot in her hometown, such as singing Buffalo’s “Good Feet” jingle and opening for bands such as Rusted Root, Hawksley Workman, and Haiku. 

Stumberg has released several of her own albums including an energetic full band album: "The Grace Stumberg Band Live! At The Studio Cafe," and her latest work: "Grace," which is more introspective and spiritual. Check out her music and schedule at


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Click picture to view the GSB website for more info and tour dates!

Click picture to view the GSB website for more info and tour dates!